Jewellery Transformations &
Re-Design Services

Bring your old jewellery back to life


It’s time to give a new life to inherited jewellery, old fashioned designs, broken pieces, scrap metal and everything else.

Each piece created will be truly unique, personal and very Sentimental. We love getting to know our customers, hearing their stories and using elements of their narrative to make jewellery that they will love for the rest of their lives.

Our speciality is to Melt & Remodel your precious items into brand new designs to suit your taste.

We are always happy to advise and consider with you all options available.

Sometimes, it doesn’t need much to make the Difference: a new stone, a change of colour with plating, removing or adding details

The next steps

A transformation piece is unique and requires times to create the design and fabricate it.

We always suggest to book a in-house consultation or zoom meeting to assess your jewellery prior to use, discuss budget, materials, and all other requirements you may have. Then we will offer you a range of designs for you to pick from.

Once you have decided we will give you a no obligation quote.

We may be able to complete your bespoke jewellery transformation for a particular date otherwise please do account between 2 to 12 weeks for your design to be ready

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