Charivari silver 835 antique Bavarian hunting charm


Silver stamped 835 Charivari. An antique Bavarian hunting charm estimated to be from the 19th century or possibly older. It has an angel or cherub on the top piece with a hook at the back and linked with chains to the charms. It is stamped 835 in multiple places. There are hunting charms including a rabbit or hare, a stag, a horse (all solid not hollow) and deer tooth, a horn, 2 amethyst crystals, a quartz and a citrine crystal.

We have fully cleaned it and it can be purchased to have as a decorative piece in a 3d box frame or by itself.


A little bit of history and meaning behind this very unusual piece:

Charivari  is a piece of traditional Bavarian costume jewellery made of solid silver adorned with trinkets, gemstone, coins (or possibly medals), horn discs, carved deer teeth, antlers, animal paws, badger hair, or other game teeth. The name charivari (from the Latin caribaria meaning “mess” or “madness”) came into the German-speaking world during the Napoleonic era. Bavarian men wear the charivari on the belt of their lederhosen. The charivari traditionally served as jewellery or as a talisman for a successful hunt. For farmers it served as a valuable status symbol. It could not be bought, was carefully preserved and was passed down in a single family through the generations, earned and treasured.

Additional information

charivari options

charivari only no frame, charivari with 3d wooden deep box framed.


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